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Cheating is unforgivable

Found out that ex was cheating on me, after 9 months in what I thought was an "exclusive" relationship. She begged and begged, and got back together after about a month. I had reservations, but still went with it. After about a month, she left her email open and I saw that she was still communicating with this guy, and when I asked, she lied about it. I stuck with it for about another month (and a few days). Each day was full of stress and mis-trust towards her. The sex became less and less, and I was totally noticing the little things that annoyed the pi$$ out of me about her.
Then, I snapped, we had a fight, things were said ... and that is why she is an "ex" today.
There are all kinds of stories about people breaking up and getting back together. But, cheating is unforgivable.
Anonymous Breakup Recovery 101 September 20, 2016 at 12:13 pm 0 803

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What a bitch!
Anonymous 11 months ago
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