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I just Got Dumped

I've been dating this amazing guy for almost 7 months.
I love him deeply vice versa.
But we always fight over really silly stuff.
Anyways recently we had a huge fight about brands of shoes.. (Stupid, I know)
He dumped me, called me selfish, then blocked me everywhere possible and dissapeared!
I went to his house to try and mend things, but he wasn't there.. I waited.. And waited for almost 6-8 hours, but he never showed.
So I left him a note telling him how much I love him.
But I hated him for not showing up.
I've been trying to find him and get hold of him through family and friends..
But no one seemed to know where he was.
Finally I rang his work and they told me where he is.
It's really far and I can't go there.
I've tried to reach out to his friends that he's with, I haven't heard anything back.
I miss him, and I love him.
And I know that if he just comes back home we can fix things.
But I haven't heard from him in a whole week.
I mean we have our own issues obviously,
And I'm just wondering has this ever happened to anyone else before?
And how long should I wait for?
I'm just really sad and confused right now.
What if he doesn't want to get back together?
Then all my effort of trying to find him and driving to his house has all been for nothing!
Nzoso I Just Got Dumped September 07, 2016 at 11:25 am 0 731

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"So I left him a note telling him how much I love him."
This is the most stupid thing you've done in your relationships...
Anonymous 1 year ago
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