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Should I break up with him

Hi, I'm in relationship for two and half year, I don't have any feeling for my boyfriend anymore. This happened for me a long time ago, I don't have any sexual or emotional feeling for him. But He's too emotional and serious about our relationship, and he's needy and he's always saying if it wasn't for you I don't have any goal and i'll kill myself if someday you leave me!

I'm 22 and He's 22, He's my first serious boyfriend and always i want to explain to him it's just our first experience and don't get too much serious because it may stop working but He doesn't listen and nothing. Now we haven't met for almost a month and i just want to end things but I don't know how to act, he's too emotional and I know He would Threat me that he'll kill himself and things like that. But i can't bear things anymore, we're too different and i want experience the world and meet new people and travel somewhere else and everything. We have two different point of view about everything but he can't accept that we're different.
Anonymous Need Your Advice September 08, 2016 at 11:50 am 0 748

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You should breakup asap.
Anonymous 1 year ago
Just do it (breakup)
Your mom 5 months ago
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